Literary Reminiscences in M. Tournier’s Novels

(On the basis of “Friday,” “The Ogre,” “Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar”)


  • Tamila Davitadze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


French classic novelist of the contemporary literature Michel Tournier’s works are intertextual. The writer strives for a unity of thought and imagery. For him, the novel is an artistic exploration of the modern world through the Neomites. He uses a variety of postmodern aesthetics. His purpose is not aesthetic play with the text, but the search for the lost truth and the unification of the universe, the universe that collapses.

Michel Tournier’s writing style is characterized by mixture of philosophical and mythological themes. He transforms the old plots and creates new ones. What are the peculiarities of his writing style, what devices and methods does the author use when he recreates the old scenes, how does he interpret the old texts and what role does intertextuality play in his novels – these are the questions that are answered in the present article. In other words, the aim of the article is to scrutinize the writing style of Michel Tournier and mark attention towards inter relationships between old and new texts.


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