Vol. 7 No. 13 (2019): December 2019

Nalans Issue December 2019


The current issue includes research and articles that represent our enduring search for the quality-work in the field of Narrative and Language Studies. We appreciate each author and researcher’s contribution to this issue; and would like to grant the erudite work of our devoted reviewers, whose commitments, we believe, have promoted the standards in the selection of the excellent work. 

Due to the COVID19 outbreak and official restrictions on the international collaborations, the review process is not finalised in time. You can still submit papers to our journal. In case of any inconvenience or personal reservations, please contact.

Please let us remind that manuscript submission is still open for the next issue; NALANS Volume 8 Number 14, 2020 (The Next issue is scheduled to be published in JUNE, as a Summer Issue 2020).

Editors of the Issue

Mustafa Zeki Çıraklı

Şžakire Erbay Çetinkaya

Published: 2019-12-30