SPECIAL ISSUE VOL 11 NO 22 | The Narrative Identity of European Cities 


SPECIAL ISSUE VOL 11 NO 22 | The Narrative Identity of European Cities in Contemporary Literature 

Writing Urban Places – European COST Action CA18126  





  • how the city speaks in urban narratives and how is its narrative identity shaped (by language, discourse, geography, timeline, content, text from etc.)
  • what function do memories and recollections of the past and present of a city have in shaping its narrative identity
  • investigations into the epistemology of urban writings
  • how does the urban narrative form the community's collective identity and unite the members?
  • urban places that are crucial in creating the narrative identity of a certain city (e.g. built heritage sites that speak, such as hotels, cinemas, museums, historic cafes, statues, fountains, bridges, gardens, old universities, authors’/artists’ houses etc.) in literature
  • descriptions of events that shape the narrative identity of a city (incorporated narratives of national and international festivals, theatres, exhibitions, art installations, and fairs, routes, performances) in literary works
  • novels/plays/poetry thematizing architecture, art history, urban development, urban design and planning

Issue Editors

Sonja Novak

Mustafa Zeki Çıraklı

Asma Mehan

Sílvia Quinteiro