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Journal of Narrative and Language Studies, NALANS, is a peer reviewed international academic journal welcoming manuscripts from the fields of Literature, Narrative and Language studies. Established in 2013, the journal is published biannually. The primary aim of the journal is to provide an avenue for scholars and researchers in order to publish and share their studies through an open access environment.

Current Issue

Vol. 8 No. 14 (2020): June 2020
Journal of Narrative and Language Studies (NALANS)

The current issue includes research and articles that represent our enduring search for the quality-work in the field of Narrative and Language Studies. Under the shadow of the COVID19 outbreak, the review process is significantly affected by the stressful medium of work, yet the SUMMER issue in black cover still comprises articles as well as devoted colleagues’ constant collaboration and hope. We are grateful to each scholar who contributed to this issue and would like to acknowledge reviewers, whose commitments, we believe, have promoted the standards in selection and high-quality work. 

Issue Editors: Çıraklı, M. Z. & Sağlamel, H. & Erbay Çetinkaya, Ş. (2020)

NEXT ISSUE, 8 (15): Ecocriticism Special Issue 

Issue Editors: Ağır, B. & Yılmaz Karahan, G. Z. & Çıraklı, M. Z. (2020)


Please Note: Submission closed for December 2020; Submission is open for June 2021 and December 2021.

Published: 2020-06-30
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